Greetings to our members and new visitors to this site!

I’m happy to see that you have visited Harrisburg Region’s page. We are busy planning what I think are some pretty interesting events and activities for 2019. I hope if you are not already a member that you will consider joining our club and region. We currently have 63 members, plus spouses, and we would be more than happy to welcome you into our Harrisburg Region Healey Family!

If you are interested in receiving a membership application or would like more information about our Harrisburg Region, I would love to chat with you. Please contact me at bjspear1@verizon.net or (717) 272-8343.

Joe Spear, President
Harrisburg Region AHSTC

Joe Spear
Phone: 717-272-8343
Email: Region President


Flash Editor
Fred Bennett
Phone: 717-635-8083
Email: quietwaterpaddler@gmail.com