Can I join the club if I don’t own a Healey?

Absolutely! The best thing to do is contact the region closest to you to get the directions to a meeting or an upcoming event. The members of the club are a great source of information (and help) about the cars if you are looking to purchase one or just want to learn more about them.

How do I join the club?

Go to the Membership heading and download the application. Fill it out and send it off to the membership coordinator along with your check and you’re in the club. Soon you’ll be getting your local region’s E-mail newsletters giving you the info on upcoming events in your local area and the link to the club’s monthly Flash newsletter.

What does it cost to join?

Currently, the annual dues are $30.00 a year and the membership year runs from April through March.

Will you mail me a Newsletter?

You will be receiving an e-mail with a link to view the Electronic Flash Newsletter on a monthly basis. This is an environmentally responsible (i.e., green) way of getting information into our members hands faster and with more color photos and no limit on the amount of pages filled with great articles and tech info.

Do I have to join the region closest to me?

Not at all. If you have friends in a particular region and you want to fraternize more with them on a monthly basis than by all means, feel free to join whichever region you would like. As a member you are welcome to any and all regions’ events and/or meetings.

What is this Encounter that I keep reading about?

Encounter is the club’s annual three or sometimes four day meet where we get together and have fun doing rallyes, gymkhanas (timed driving events), family activities, charity auction, car show, etc. Each region takes a turn at hosting the event and we get to meet and see people from all over who are willing to drive (or trailer) their cars to participate. Hover over the “Events” menu item above to see information on the upcoming Encounter.