This website contains articles primarily contributed by members of the Austin Healey Club of America (AHCA) and Austin Healey Sports & Touring Club (AHSTC) for publication in the clubs’ periodicals. Others were submitted by British motoring manufacturers and vendors. They are offered as reference only.

CAUTION: articles should not be considered detailed, comprehensive installation instructions. Readers are reminded that working on motorcars is inherently dangerous. Users should only attempt work for which they have adequate background in safety and installation techniques. Some tasks may need professional advice or services. The AHSTC and the authors and publishers of the articles do not assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or applicability of these articles to reader’s vehicle(s), nor assume any liability for reader’s capabilities and vehicle(s), nor assume any liability for reader’s implementation. The reader assumes all liability for the reader’s use of these articles.

NOTICE: Should any originators of the articles in this anthology want their articles updated or modified, or withdrawn from the website, contact: No articles may be reproduced for sale or distribution without written consent of the AHSTC:

1. Manuals, Books & Tools
2. Diagnostic
3. Preventative Maintenance & Traveling Spares
4. Teardown & Restoration Techniques
5. Fluids & Fuels
6. Engine
7. Cooling System & Heater
8. Exhaust System
9. Carburetors
10. Fuel Forwarding
11. Engine Lubrication & Pressure Gage
12. Clutch
13. Gearbox & Overdrive
14. Front Suspension, Hubs & Steering
15. Rear Suspension, Differential & Axle
16. Wheels & Tires
17. Braking System
18. Generator & Starter
19. Ignition System
20. Electrical & Battery
21. Lights, Lamps & Signal Relay
22. Dash & Engine Bay Controls, Senders
23. Chassis & Frame
24. Body
25. Tops & Weather Equipment
25a. Tops & Weather Equipment
26a. Cockpit, Windshield, Seats, Upholstery Trimming
26b. Cockpit, Windshield, Seats, Upholstery Trimming
27. Performance Upgrades
28. Sprite-Related Articles
29. Concours-Related – no articles
30. General